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This week, we drink beer for science. We took five of the cheapest brands I could find at my local liquor store, in an attempt to find the best of the worst! We also talk about the Civilization: Beyond Earth announcement, Star Citizen’s proof of our economic hubris, and our mission to find out who makes no-name brand food. We also discuss the fluid mechanics of beer shotgunning.

Beers of the Week:

1. Carling Black Label

2. Iron Horse

3. Carling Black Label Extra Old Stock

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon

5. Hells Gate Freedom Lager

We went to a pokemon tournament. Nothing else about this past week matters. Also Four Loko, pounding nerds, getting drunk in an arcades and trick rooms.

Beer of the Week: Human Exhaustion

This week, we fight about which bad beer is the worst, drug testing for Pokemon regionals, strategically killing family members in Papers Please, and even more Metal Gear Solid. We also discuss this summer’s Hollywood blockbusters, and do our best to explain Marvel’s Movie Madness.   

Beer of the Week: Gigantic Brewing Company ‘s Bang-On Beer 

This week, we’re all about wearing disguises in casinos, the Jew class (in South Park), the benefits of child labour, the universality of Tetris, the forgotten brilliance of Alpha Protocol, and Nancy Grace. We also get lost in the deep, dank lore of Metal Gear Solid.

Beer of the Week: Saison duPont Farmhouse Ale

We basement video game heads, along with returning guest Chris Westaway, practice our accents, discuss gymkata martial arts, the brand-new droid planet in Knights of the Old Republic 2, explaining the artistry of Dynasty Warriors, psuedo-fictional kickstarter games about dating ponies, the riveting GI Joe movie sequel, and our favourite reddit stories. We also share some stories on our topic of the week: video game addiction.

Beer of the Week: Grasshopper Fowl Mouth ESB

Hopped-Up Gaming Presents: Let’s Play Earthbound!

Episode 38 - The Final Episode, Oh Thank God

In the stunning conclusion to Let’s Play Earthbound!, the HUG crew remainder head into the heart of oddly-suggestive darkness, and come out victorious!

We’re done. Everyone go home. It’s over. Thank God.

Hopped-Up Gaming Presentes: Let’s Play Earthbound!

Episode 37 - We Tried To Run, But Couldn’t

This game is mean, and terrible, and I hate it I hate it I hate it.

Hopped-Up Gaming Presents: Let’s Play Earthbound!

Episode 36: Snowy, Robotic Hell

We’re in for the home stretch here now. The…looooooong home stretch.