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This week, we get in the ring with WWE’s mobile card game, make mistakes with Soul Calibur 5’s character creator, and discuss Titanfall ambivalence, cardboard boxes, and the indie game Always Sometimes Monsters. We also deconstruct Point Break, talk about Heat, and continue our spiral into madness revolving around Keanu Reeves.

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Mike, Emery, Chris Westaway

Beer of the Week: Dageraad


Gods Will be Watching

It is a game about decisions, though not in the way you might think.

By Chris Norris-Jones

Gods Will be Watching is what happens when you bring mathematics into morality. Deciding, through cold calculus, who needs to survive and who can afford to die. While its gameplay does revolve around making decisions, it does so in ways different than other games about “choice.” Rather than giving you sway over the game’s narrative, it places in your hands the ability to choose whose corpses you use to bridge the gap to the next chapter.

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This week, three grown adults discuss super hero Legos, when parodies overtake the thing they parody, Deer Hunter-styled fighting game tournaments, and Dead Space 3’s Act 3 issues. Norris also discusses the endless frustration of Gods Will be Watching, and the differing nature of choices in video games. We also discuss Lifetime movies about teens choking teens. No seriously.

Beer of the Week: Dead Frog Brewing Rocketman Interstellar ESB



In a move that can only be called “shocking” by people who find things easily surprising, the internet is once again trying to prove that women should not be allowed in the gaming industry. A female game developer earlier today had the audacity to have her personal relationships made public on the internet, and an outraged gaming public has had no ethical option other than to respond.

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This week, Norris and Matt discuss going to Vancouver’s Full Indie Summit, which devolves into us discussing Virtual Reality, Smell-O-Vision, narrative in gameplay, how we need to start a Subway franchise, and Norris’ desire to play Nidhogg professionally. We also talk about Guardians of the Galaxy and argue about super heroes because it’s all we know how to do together.

Beer of the Week: Pyramid Apricot Ale

It’s a skeleton crew on the cast this week, with our long weekend survivors discussing what we think the specific gravity of beer means, the Destiny beta, the explosion of first-person survival games on PC, screwing around with Raspberry Pi’s, and the Christian cinema experience God Is Not Dead.

Beer of the Week: Howe Sound Troller Bay Ale

This week, special guest and host of the awesome podcast “That Thing You Like” Brian Shirlaw joins our merry band, and we start the festivities by fighting about Ben Affleck. We also discuss sports, Shovel Knight, League of Legend fantasy drafts, some game called Dark Souls 2, and the night-black abyss that is violent adult anime, specifically Berserk and Attack on Titan. We also steal some idea from another podcast and have our first ever “Versus Round”, where we come to the truest argument of our age: tacos or burritos.

Beer of the Week: St. Ambroise Apricot Ale