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This week, we hang out with local writer and man-about-town Bryce Bladon, discussing such highbrow topics as EVO 2014, what our signature style at EVO would be, mixing beer and juice, MMO’s that are and aren’t World of Warcraft, comparative video game genitalia, Transformers-level extinction events, the shadow hat economy, and killing Nazi Space Men.

Beer of the Week: Vancouver Island Brewery Black Betty Blackberry Saison

We try to get the train back on the rails this week, by discussing the authenticity of “The Mask of Zorro”, buying beer off the internet, in-depth XCOM strategies, and what constitutes an “A-List” celebrity. We also decide which games you can and cannot play drunk, and plan our Keanu Reeves marathon.

Beer of the Week: Parallel 49 Tricycle Grapefruit Radler


If the world isn’t careful, it may once more be subjected to the Duke’s acerbic wit and high-minded political commentary

In a press release received earlier today, former magician and current head of Gearbox Software Randy Pitchford threatened that Duke Nukem Forever will be given a sequel unless his extensive list of demands are met.

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We celebrated Canada Day the best way possible. With virtual stab wounds.

Eight people on a podcast is too many, and it shows. We celebrate Canada Day by debriefing our Nidhogg tournament, shit-talk Belgium, shit-talk each-other, and drunkenly postulate about video game design.

Beer of the Week: Golden Draak Ale


Numerous skill bonuses have gamers who pre-ordered The Last of Us worried that pre-ordering in the video game industry can’t be stopped

The recent announcement of The Last of Us Remastered, and more specifically its list of pre-order bonuses, has caused an outrage from the internet gaming public. The anger stems from a number of pre-order bonuses which would give players perks both in the single as well as multiplayer facets of The Last of Us Remastered, and despite their protestations those who pre-ordered the game feel helpless to stop these game-breaking changes.

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This week the Hopped-Up Gaming gang discusses the art of horse seduction in the form of a play, our favourite Keanu Reeves film, learning about sports through video games, and nazi beach boys. We also all come together and discuss Hannibal, our favourite scary movies, and bet on whether Scotland will ever be a country.

Beer of the Week: Four Winds Saison

This week, we discuss who lives in worse squalor, police auctions, roleplaying drug addicts in Morrowind, and our Canadian heroes. We also talk about funny television, educational video games, and our plan to do a Chip’s Challenge Let’s Play.

Beer of the Week: Crabbies Ginger Beer