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This week, the gang gets too full on Canadian Turkey, and talks about multi-lingualism, the good Super Mario RPGs, arcade beat-em-ups, and games where you make aliens eat your friends. We also discuss Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cinematic ouvre, press-ganging children into virtual labour, and get dorky about the Middle Earth. Oh, we also rap about sex at the end.

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Dave, Vince, Bill

Special Guest: Conor Rooney - Professional Tabletop Gamer, Celebrated academic, know-it-all

Beer of the Week: Four Winds Brewing Oat Porter

This week, a very tired team joins up with a man figuratively made of Metal, to talk about Four Loko recipes, Vancouver dive bars, and how Telltale needs to make a Serious Sam adventure game. We also talk about our ideas for the Tetris movie, our Neverending Nightmares, and fighting the Orc-Qaeda in Shadow of Mordor.

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Emery, Dave, Mike, Iron Vince

Special Guest: Metal Vince - Vancouver Metal icon, Audio Engineer, and Activist

Beer of the Week: Tsingtao


By Chris Norris-Jones, with Special Thanks to W.G McDonnell

There aren’t a lot of video games I have played that have made me reflect on depression.

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This week, we have on Bodie Lee of Lunar Ray Games, and we ask him all the important breakfast and bathrobe-related questions. We also discuss a couple real things, including his gorgeous game Timespinner, the differences between working indie and in AAA, and the details for kickstarter success. We also talk about Destiny, Wasteland 2, Neverending Nightmares, antagonistic video game races, Smash Mouth cookbooks, and a whole bunch of other stuff!

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Emery, Dave,

Special Guest: Bodie Lee - Game Developer at Lunar Ray Games, Creator
of Timespinner, Awesome Dude

Beer of the Week: Russell Brewing Angry Scotch Ale

This week, the Guardians of Light that comprise Hopped-Up Gaming decide to have another blind bad beer taste test, this time with a twist! We also discuss Destiny, vapourized alcohol, local wrestling, Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and mathematically solving Sudoku problems.

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Emery, Dave, Mike, Vince

Featured Guest: Chris Westaway - Taste Tester, Bad beersman, and pro wrestling analyst

Beers of the Week:
Beer #1: Brava 5.5% (The Betrayer)
Beer #2: Cariboo Blonde (The Barbarian)
Beer #3: Mirror Pond Pale Ale (The Archangel)
Beer #4: Pacific Pilsner (The Bog)
Beer #5: Old Milwaukee (The Rook)

This week we have on special guest Matthew Marteinsson, head audio guy from Klei Entertainment, and we discuss video game audio, generic brand liquor, and how nothing in TV is real. We also talk about as much music as we do video games, but when we get down to business we discuss Destiny, the recent Humble Bundle, Deadly Premonition, Don’t Starve, Invisible Inc and a ton more!

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Emery, Dave
Special Guest: Matthew Marteinsson - The Audio Department at Klei Entertainment
(Root)Beer of the Week: Caribou Root Beer

We tax our audio equipment past the limit this week, with a full house and not one but TWO special guests: Jesse Turner, the drawbarian behind the fantastic art of Viking Squad at Slick Entertainment, and Chris Bourassa, co-founder of Red Hook Studio and the creative director behind Darkest Dungeon. We discuss making games in different working environments, hat futures in Team Fortress 2, the dark reality of being a fantasy hero, and what’s it like to have a booth at PAX. We also go on about Divinity, video game crafting, some mindblowing Seinfeld theories, and much, much more!

Hopped-Up Gamers: Chris Norris, Vince, Emery, Mike, Dave
Special Guests: Jesse Turner - Lead Artist, Slick Entertainment
Chris Bourassa - Co-founder and Creative Director, Red Hook Studios

Beer of the Week: 33 Acres of Sunshine